First day of HUMA – From Corporate to Human Investments

We just started to disclose to the world HUMA (Human Asset) to introduce the first in the world human potential booster.

We want to reverse corporate investments to human investments which provide more appropriate instrument in today’s knowledge driven world.

  • If you would have a possibility, would you rather invest in personal shares of Elon Musk or in corporate shares of TESLA as a company? Hint: Take a look at TESLA financials and you will get a quick answer…
  • Today, in the knowledge age, future of business or any non-profit project is highly dependent on the team involved and in particular each human individual
  •  We believe each human individual has tremendous potential to realize his/her potential via unique talents
  • Thus by analogy with stock markets, we need a mechanism how the human potential can be supported by investments from outside world to reflect human assets
  • Here, HUMA comes to enable such mechanism based on the block chain technology with peer-to-peer interworking for the human investments