Our Mission

  • We live today in the knowledge age where the human potential defines progress of development in all industries and activity areas
  • One creative human can disrupt industries and change the history with new ideas following by community of people thinking in similar way
  • From technology point of view, with peer-to-peer capability of blockchain, we become a tool to enable real person-to-person communication with full transparency

Thus, it’s time to enable Renaissance of human power and to provide a platform helping people to live their dreams!

What in it for me?


  • If you want get quick financial support for your dreams and aspirations boosting your human potential


  • If you want to invest in high potentials with predictable profit growth and systematic performance evaluation



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HUMA Blockchain

  • HUMA will be based first on ERC20 Eutherium for the trial phase
  • To improve scalability, transaction speed and to guarantee low transaction cost, HUMA will be ported to the Graphene framework with the DPoS consensus algorithm
  • Graphene provides basic implementations of the main mechanisms that ensure the blockchain protocol functionality, namely such functions as peer-to-peer interaction, block and transaction storage, current system state aggregation, the possibility to quickly cancel a block chain if it forks
  • DPoS: The Delegate Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithm is one of the most perfect currently available consensus algorithms for blockchain systems. DPoS allows all stakeholders within the network to have a say in who signs the blocks, or to take part in the block signing themselves by putting forward their candidacies
  • Graphene framework provides most promising uplifts of ERC20 limitations